About Us


Goedux is an attention-seeking technology education start-up offering both B2C model includes providing end-to-end admission solutions to students and the B2B model includes offering Digital Marketing Solutions (DMS) to Colleges & Universities. Goedux is one of the most promising start-ups from Kota with over 150 + colleges in network across the country. Goedux.com is a distinctive universities/college Search platform, which bring education provider close to education seekers, also offer information about universities/colleges, course details, exam details, exam pattern, admission Process, scholarships and all related topics.

Not only student, but also parents gets benefited through Goedux. Many Parents have admitted that the Goedux experience taught them to not give in to societal pressure, but help their child choose a career best suited to them. Our Platform Work as the bridge between Student & Colleges/Universities, We bring educational organization in touch with students directly. Student can easily find their dream college using our platform.

Our vision to construct a strong bridge between education provider and education seekers & open student minds, ascertain their aptitude and show them different paths and possibilities.

Our Mission is to guide, counsel and assist university entrants to higher education institutions in India, and provides quality education services to scholars through our platform.

More than 75 colleges has get facilitated admissions across the country through platform our platform & counselling processes in the first year of its operations.

Goedux is a unique platform that enables Students can apply multiple colleges with a single click. More than 150 colleges have partnered with Goedux.com to use the technologically advanced Admission Application Process (APP), thereby student get admission confirmation directly, in their mail and enabling students track application status online.

Our Career Counsellor Team is always ready to provide personal / video counselling or phonic counselling to interested students with regard to their academic and career goals.